Friday, November 10, 2006

Introduction - Read this first

Although this blog has been online for sometime, I have decided to update it. I am not as assidious as some bloggers on the up-dating front, I have, therefore, decided that I will not take a chronological attempt at updating, but a more topic orientated appraoch. As the blog at this stage is mainly dealing with restoration issues, and will really only appeal to those wanting to restore, or currently restoring an old classic yacht, I will post entries on a topic related basis. So search through the titles for specific topics you may be interested in - they may not be in chronological order.

I have also added a latest news section. This deals with the trails and tribulations of trying to Launch Roach next year. Things such project progress, budget allocation and generaly stuff like that. This will be chronological.

Whatever your looking for I hope you nejoy browsing!