Friday, April 04, 2008

Stebbing Builder's Plaque

I wonder if anybody that reads it would have a Stebbing's builder's plaque? This is one thing that Roach never had when I started to restore her and it would be a welcome addition. I saw this one on another boat and if anybody comes across a wreck made by Stebbing's and it still has the plaque, I will be very interested!

Brest is off - I'm too busy!

Sadly my trip to Brest in little Roachy is off as I have had a lot of commitments this year that have sapped my time. Infact, I was considering upgrading to a larger yacht last year until I realised how much work a titchy 22fter gives me. So I will stick with Roachy - but I will do some East Coast pottering this season and go to Brest via a low-cost airline!

I am not too sad though, as Roach has only been launched for one season, and she has a huge amount of remaining loose ends that need tyding-up, and to be honest, she was not going to be ready for a trip down-channel without some serious hours put into her.

I have been a bit slack on this blog, but I have been getting on with some projects, even though they are small. I will update you as and when I can.