Friday, February 25, 2011

All around hand-rails

One of the problem with Roach is that she does has slick slippy decks. They might look good, but they do get very slippy. Luckily, with the Merriman gear on her working jib, there is hardly ever a reason to go forward. Occasionally one must though, as the Merriman (the American Version of Wickham Martin gear) is only a furler and not a reefer. There are, therefore, occasions when must go forward to change up to a genoa or too a smaller jib. It is here that a hand-hold would be very much appreciated by the crew.

I have seen the toe rail on her sister ship Athena. They are raised on pyramids and they are every effective – so I am unashamedly rippling them off. As I can’t afford teak I am making them from Iroko and they will be varnished ( as I believe that fits in with the rest of the deck). They will also be more substantial – mainly in order to be more proud than the existing toe rail. One will just be able to get a the toe of a boot under one which will add a lot to her safety going forward.

Here is a trail one to check for aesthetic pleasantness. Not as nice as Athena’s, but hey ho.


Blogger Athena said...

Go on rip Athena off properly, leave them, to the elements, they look great silvery grey, just brush them occasionally with a brass wire brush.

9:59 AM  
Blogger Roach1948 said...

Iroko - can't do it - they will go black!
Anyway, it is more work. I have acres of varnishing to do anyway, so might as well add to it. I dont want to mask off 50 upstands!

10:56 PM  

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