Monday, January 10, 2011

Rowing Rosebud

Well no sailing on this trip but I did managed to get Rosebud out for a row. She is a very good rower as she tracks very well. Her deep V construction does not make her very stable, but the tracking when rowing such a wide beam dinghy is superb. As with all rowing it comes down to the oars – my old 5ft two-part Avon oars are not really up to proper rowing, but taken steady I rowed around 4km. Last year I noticed that the oars jumped from the locks a lot – making me catch a few crabs. So this year I brought out some totally round lock which seemed to do the job, although thicker oars or even collars would have helped. It is all good learning for the new dinghy build.


Blogger Allan S said...

Just got my winter project plans from Danny Greene and his nesting "Chameleon" dinghy. Looking forward to the task. Nice job on yours.....Allan

3:15 AM  

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