Monday, January 03, 2011

Dinghy build moving slowly forward

Well a quick update. This boat is expected to take 180 hours of work, but I have upped that to 200 hours, to give time for prepping, sourcing, and reading through and understanding the plans. I knocked 4 hours off today reading through the plans and hand cutting the transom from the plans (no power tools). This will be a very small dinghy indeed as you can see from my foot size. The transom will need another board on top – it was cut down in order to fit in my suitcase
I have decided to sell Rosebud, the dinghy I built last year (2009) as I it lives abroad, and I don’t really use it. So I will keep the Acorn sail, which is in great shape and make a plastic sail for Rosebud from light tarpaulin – around here people are used to improvisation and don’t really know the difference between sail material and plastic. Anyway tomorrow it is off to hand make 30 wedge clamps from the leftover ply I had from Rosebud construction. I have ordered the plywood from Robbins in the UK, and when I am back the first priority will be to make the building frame.
Time 195/200 hours.
Cost £200 plywood (Transom and sail were leftovers from previous build)


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