Sunday, August 09, 2009

New Hatch Covers

Whilst I have been based in Central America I decided to have some new covers made for the hatches. The one you see in the picture to the left is for the butterfly hatch. I hope enough light gets though the white in order to let some light in below. I dont have the dimensions for the glazed section in order to insert a transparent window. I suppose I can do that back in the UK. The top looks a bit floppy; the reason for this is that I am generally increasing the on-deck safety on Roach and one of the improvements is adding hand-rail everywhere. I have decided to take a tip from a Laurent Giles and add a mahogany hand-rail to the top of the butterfly hatch.
I also took the opportunity to have a cover for the tiller pilot too, as they dont seem to be made for sea, so hopefully the cover will prevent the worst.
PS cheapest quote for a hatch cover in the UK was £100 per hatch! Her is it $10.....


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