Monday, June 08, 2009

Dinghy Day Five

Well have not been doing much on the old dinghy of late as I have been quite busy. Well very busy infact. Anyway I managed to get some time on her today, Sunday and I have taped the seams of about half the underside of the hull. There was quite a bit of planing and manual sanding involved! Just thought I would let you know where she is at. Note my cheap peel-ply made from plastic grocery bags!
Tip: always pre-cut your fibreglass tape!

Today was around 4 hours work, so I reckon the total build time of 20 hours is not so far out of you do in stages like me and have everything set-up (total spent is 16 hours so far). I am sure there will be many more hours spent sorting the sil plan and rig, so the 20 hours I think refers to making something that floats and one can row rather than a whole sailing dinghy.


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Look'n Good, hope you have some more time soon

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