Monday, May 11, 2009

A Few Pictures of El Salvador

Boats are really expensive in this part the world. This one was up for sale for $10,000 and has not been used in ten years!

A friend has kindly donated a lug sail to the dinghy project. This has been a huge relief as there are NO sail makers in El Salvador. A really nice sail designed for an Acorn dinghy; but now I have the sail I can make the spars to match. This is reverse boat-building!

A Mahogony table top for a table I am making for my Mum. Not the best Mahog, but at 3" thick and at $60 negotiated final price, I am not complaining.

Lake Ilopango, where I hope to sail my new dinghy is a lovely lake around 30mins drive from the capital. These yachts are the ONLY two yachts in the whole lake. Poeple prefer power boats.

The J-24 some chap wanted to sell to me for $14,000. I would have been tempted had it been a cruiser, as a dream of mine is to sail to the Galapagos. It is around a week's sailing due South from here. I dont think a J-24 is an ideal single-handed cruiser though, and at $14,000 with no engine she is very dear. Atleast I know what 24' of plastic looks like, and I would prefer to be in Roach in bad weather anyday!


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