Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day Three Dinghy

Well it is the end of day three. The plans say that I would have spent three hours on the build till now and I am on three days. I am busy with other stuff though; Honest! Remember I have very few tools, so what resembles a flat pack boat above, is the culmination of lots of hand sanding as the jigsaw I used produced very wobbly lines!

Apart from having most of the sections sanded and marked out, I am making the daggerboard case. This is crucial before assembly of the boat as I will need to cut out a central sections from the middle thwart. In order to retain the sahpe of the hull this is done by partly cutting a space leaving tabs that can be cut at a later stage when installing the centreboard case.

Top photo shows the storm drain I am suring as a cutting surface; this is a very basic build and as I am not here for long, don't want to invest in tools.


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