Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day Two of Dinghy Build

All the panels are cut out now, but as I have no power tools I am hand sanding all the edges and this will take me a day. The times in the plans are highly ambtious. 1 hour to cut out all the shapes is seriosuly ambitious. Anyway, we are forging ahead.

My only realy worry is that a friend donated an Acorn dinghy lug sail for the build as there are no sail makers in El Salvador. This sail is aroudn 50% larger in size than the design spec and as result I have worked out the the COE will be too far forward with this sail. The foot is 7ft long and the dinghy is only 7' 8" long! So trying to work whether I should build the daggerboard case a little bit more forward of its design position. Maybe add a bumpkin. I have decided on a deeper daggerboard and a deeper skeg too - the skeg is really small on the plans anyway. All these things should help her stand-up to her sail better.


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