Sunday, August 09, 2009

Dinghy Painting Stage

Well it has been a long time since I posted any progress and the reason is that I stalled because I have run out of epoxy. As the plywood here is of very poor quality (strange - as the mahogany is of very good quality) I am need to cover the whole boat in epoxy if it is to last any time. Once I finished encapsulating the outside of the hull I realised I was running low; I held off any more jobs requiring epoxy unitil I could find a local source.
I have not found epoxy per se, but I have found an epoxied paint that is used locally to paint the inside of cistern tanks holding potable water. Now, if this paint can hold water in, logic dictates that it must keep water out?
Above is a picture of the latest progress. I have painted the inside of the buoyancy tanks before the lids go on. The inside is really the important thing so have done a test paint on the bare ply, and it seems to be going on well. I will ofcourse need to coat the boat in normal exterior enamel as this epoxy paint as no UV filters in it and it will go chalky in time. I have enough for one coat of the outside too, so here is one side painted before I flip her over. The next three days will be usy painting I think, but we are looking at a launch day of sometime next week I would say.


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