Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Pillars of Support

Well I have to say that I am not so fond of stanchions, but as these bronze bases came up second hand, I decided to get them. It means that I have period bronze bases giving me the option of stanchions later on if I think they will be helpful. I only got two of each, so my idea would be have that extra security from the mast base back to the cockpit. This is the real danger area on Roach - and next season she will be complete with non-slip along the caulking and small non-slip bare teak battons upto the mast. That, with an all-around grab handle, and I think she is getting ocean ready.
PS. It's quite nice being able to dry ones clothes when on an extended cruise and stanchions come in useful for that too.
PPS. They should polish up nicely, but as with Roach's brightwork policy, the only thing that is shiny is the wood. The rest I let go to verdigris - for aesthetic reasons, you undertand?


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