Sunday, December 20, 2009

Preparing for Rosebud Launch

Tueday is the day I have set for the launch of the dinghy. The trouble, as you can see from above, is the havoc still left over from the Hurricane on the 9th November this year. This is the route down to the slipway!
This give you the idea of the amount of damage that can be done by a hurricane and this is not even the sea. This lake Ilopango, a crater lake 40km inland from the Pacific coast. Although I will drive down in a 4x4, there is a chance we wont be able to get too close to the water and some heavy lugging will be required.
I brought out Roach's inflatable tender which will be a married up to a rather (overpowered) outboard to act as a satefy boat. Thinking of spending Christmas down by the lake, so a couple of decent days sailing maybe?


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