Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The New Iron Topsail!

The old Stuart 4hp was seized according to the surveyor and I had already decided that as part of the restoration a new engine was to be fitted. The cockpit was rotten so it seemed silly to rebuild a cockpit without changing the engine. So a new engine it was and I decided on a BETA BZ482, a 13.5 horsepower unit. Slightly more powerful that 10hp version, but I decided it was better to go slightly more powerful specially as I was going to single-hand a lot and I wanted something that could power over the Deben Bar on falling tide against the wind. I also decided to fit a Halyard aguadrive system – mainly as I was unsure of my skills lining up the shaft to the new engine. In the end this did not matter as Jerry Hearle from Roberstson’s yard made up lovely new beds in Canadian Rock Elm and Peter Norris made and installed a great Thrust Bulkhead for the Aquadrive system. The new shaft aligned perfectly. In the end I think is was very wise to get some professional help in the engine installation as I would have spend weeks agonizing over the alignment. As you see from the pictures I have made two plinths either side of the engine for the starting and service battery. They are both below the waterline as opposed to in the Lazarette as before. I have also fitted a high riser as the engine is below the waterline too, which is amazing for a 22 footer. All I need to do now is wire in the fuel, control lines and electrics!


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