Saturday, October 13, 2007

A few before and after shots

Gosh, as I was mentioned in this months Classic Boat mag, I thought I'd better put something in this blog to tell you how far Roach has come from when I first got her. Here are a selection of photos to give you an idea of the amount of work she needed.

by taking photos and drawing on them I could visualise the interior better - even though I was doing the interior to Dallimore's plans, I wanted to makes sure I agreed with him.

In the end the sideboards by the companionway were raised by 6 inches, allowing for more storage room under.

Here you can see the fairing process has started after .......

burning her paint back to bare wood. This was to check all the splines (a few needed repair) and to check the fastenings too. The keel was dropped and bolts replaced at the same time.

The decks and how they started to come up after a good sanding. Note the lovely skylight made to the original design by Sheraton Marine Cabinet.

The decks needed re-caulking and the main bulkhead with those really ugly windows in them had to go (it was rotten anyway).

The new cockpit, made with mainly solid mahogany, but some plywood too.

The old cockpit was shot. There where no gutters so the there was rot everywhere. The whole thing needed replacing and so did the engine and beds.


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