Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Drying Out on Posts!

I needed to Roach on the posts last weekend as I needed to sort out a weeping log impeller that dripped enough to make her take around a pint an hour or water. It was a sleep depriver let us say, as the auto bilge pump was could run the battery dry and then what. Apart from that I needed to inspect her under the waterline. How were the ferrous hangings doing, how was the antifouling performing?

All in all it was quite an experience putting her on posts single-handed. She behave very well and we “landed” just as I had wanted. No problems at all. I was not impressed with the SeaJet Coastal 037 antifouling that I had been recommended. Weed was growing fast. So much so that a couple of swans came over to peck at it. It was obviously fresh and lush!

The hangings looked fine. The only real problem was that the log impeller tube’s thread had gone so although I fixed the leak with loads of polysulphide sealer, this is only temporary till I get a new tube. I took the opportunity to screw on her name plaques on either side of the bow too.


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