Thursday, April 12, 2007

Well this is not going to be one of my better posts as I have had a rather heavy Easter with a cascade of disasters which have put my launch schedule back a month or two!

Its almost as if there is devine intervention that does not want me to complete this restoration as so much seems to be an uphill struggle. Firstly, the ladder collapsed on me when I was holding some two pack varnish. It was an aluminium ladder and the extrusion simply failed on me! The result was me covered in a noxious epoxy based substance.

Then my hull fairing has not been going well. It seems that it is MUCH harder work than I had anticipated. The hull fairing required me to sand by hand using what is known in the trade as a toture board. It takes hours for very little visible result. I find this most frustrating, but not as frustrating as finding, wait for it, a rotten plank!

Yes, at this late stage I have found a rotten deadwood plank. My heart sank. It is in an awkward place - butting against the iron keel and the stern post.

Still feeling very low after a very unproductive weekend and a launch day that endlessly seems to slip. As a result I have decided to take a break from the yacht to recoup my morale by spending a the next few weekends with friends.


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