Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rotten plank

Well, a quick note about my rot. Well after a visit last weekend from arguably one of the best regarded botabuilders on the East Coast, I have a clearer picture of the extent of the problem.

What I don't have - il-hamdelulah - is dry rot. I just have a very old yacht that is tired in places and this Elm deadwood is looking old and tired. Amazingly drilling holes in the thing, in order to dry the wood out worked so well that the wood was hard when the boatbuilder came. When wet the wood was very easy to chisel out, but now it was rock hard. It almost looked like I almost never had a problem.

The solution is to get some new wood in there so I will be routering out the old wood and replacing it with some Iroko.I need to plug the drill holes with hardwood dowels in epoxy and then cover then in plugs to stop the wicking action of water in the holes. Then I can fair the hull back again.


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