Sunday, November 18, 2007

Woodbridge back to Ramsholt

So the next day it was enough of victualling the yacht and oing repairs, I was eager to set off. So at HW-2 I cast off and went over the sill at the TideMill marina to take on some fuel. After that I was away down the River in glorious sunshine as if no gale ever occurred.

At Ramsholt I met with Crystal and after a couple of pints at the Arms, we decided to have a BBQ dinner on Felixstowe Ferry Beach. It was a clear and cold night, but I brought some of Roach’s old off-cuts in order to have a fire afterwards.

The next day Crystal and Roach parted ways. I went North to the Ore entrance and Crystal went South.

With a stiff F4 blowing from the West the GPS was showing 9 knots over the bar and I sailed all the way to Aldeburgh at speed, all canvas set. The three visitors buoys were taken so I anchored of the Martello tower. There is good holding here. A launch went round all the visitors bouys in the morning, so I suspect I saved myself a fee there, but here was no mention of fees in the pilot book.

I would not recommend staying here as there is considerable works going on defending the spit. Dumper trucks zoom past every 2 or 3 minutes making a racket and sending lots of dust in the air. My the time I was ready to weigh anchor the decks were covered in a fine film of sea defence aggregate!


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