Saturday, October 13, 2007

Woodbridge to the Ramsholt Arms

Roach amoung the Albert Stranges

My trying to slip the warps from the dinghy. A right spider's web of lines!

By popular demand I have been asked to recount last Summer’s inaugural cruise on Roach. So now on a wet and windy November night I have decided that there is not time better to reminisce Roach’s first real adventure in over a decade.

Well, on Sunday morning I decided to take my London friends to Ramsholt to have lunch at the Arms. I knew they would enjoy a lazy lunch out on the terrace, and the forecast was set to be scorcher, even in September. High tide was at 11am or so, and we decided to breakfast onboard before I got ready to slip the lines. Some sausages and bacon from the now Five Winds butchers in Melton really got us set. My single-flame camping stove (the galley is not a completed project yet) was a little over-pressed doing breakfast for four (I invited the next door yacht’s crew), and I look forward to getting the two -burner Taylors installed. You can do the eggs and the bacon at the same time then.

Anyway, after breakfast Roach “popped” out of her hole and we slipped her line. The wind was a very light SW and we ghosted down leisurely to the pub. All in all a lovely day out and the Scampi at the Arms was lovely. My friends left by taxi later in the afternoon and I went back to Roach to sleep off all the Adnams.


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