Friday, December 14, 2007

Roach is Registered for Brest 2008

Well I have decided that I will take Roach down to Brest 2008 for the festival between 11-17 July next year. I seem to have lost a bit of focus regarding outstanding work on Roach, but by registering on the web site I have realised I have some new found enthusiasm for boat DIY! Getting down to Brest in a tiny 22fter will be quite an adventure. I will try and post as mush as I can regarding the preparations and the trip on here. At last I might be posting stuff that actually relates to the title of this blog!

Another little Dallimore will be travelling down. Athena is the same tonnage as Roach, but has a counter, centre-board, larger rig and longer waterline length I bet she flies.


Blogger ATHENA's Travels said...

Hi Roach,

Yes I registered a month or so ago, have started my passage plan, it certainly focuses the mind, of how far you can go safely single handed.

Gosh i'm going to have to carry so much chain 10m tides

Athena can fly, but i wish to get their in one piece, hope the photo publishes, 2 reefs with no.2 jib.
ps there is talk of a Dalli-rally in Brest, 3-5 Dallimore's.

Good Luck with all those jobs

9:10 AM  
Blogger Roach1948 said...

This is going to be quite an adventure for a 22fter! I already relaised I was going to need oodles of chain - worrying amount of weight, but I will see whether I can store 40/50metres ny the mast.

It would be good to see some other Dallimore's there.

1:13 PM  

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