Wednesday, May 28, 2008

7 days to launch - Yikes!!!

This year has flown by and really I have not had the time to the amount of work on Roach as I had originally anticipated - and now I have 7 days to go before her launch day! So I have decided to spend 7 days in Suffolk living in her and really trying to sort out the most important jobs. This is mainly the rig change, that will allow for some Wykham Martin fulring gear on the working jib. This means new tangs on the mast and a furling line along the deck somewhere. The galley is the next most important thing - I am have to fit the new taylors and make it swing in the most confined of galleys and this requires ballasting the cooker in order to lower the swinging angle.
Lastly there is the Simrad tillerpilot that I need to fit - a present from my father at Christmas, and very much needed when I am sailing alone.

Of course there are a million other things to attempt to do in between all these jobs, but with hard work, and lucky weather, I reckon she might be ready for the water in a week- it will be a close call though; experience tells me that many small jobs can really vacuum-up time.

I will leave all the varnishing till next year when I will try and store her in a barn over the winter. This is the only decent way of getting good coverage.


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