Thursday, May 01, 2008

Backrests and Galley Improvements

Note the new teak washboards and fiddle rails that I need to fit to almots every flat surface. Also a couple of chocks for the new spinnaker pole.
Sheraton Marine cabinet sorted out a huge mess I made from the brackrests using odd bits of mahogany. Note the reclaimed mahogany on the top to make another fiddle rail.

The two biggest incomplete items on Roach are the backrests and the galley. Although strictly not essential for sailing, they really bother as the interior looks unfinished, and I am fed up of cleaning up the mess after things have jumped temporary shelves.
The backrests are also essential for comfort as, at present, one can not lean back on anything when seated in the saloon – so I have made the priority. My attempts at making a large mahogany framework fialed last summer when the framework broke, so I sent all the broken bits of mahogany off to Sheraton Marine Cabinet in Oxfordshire, to see whether they can re-work my mess. I wait with eager expectation at the results and whether they will fit.
The galley I can do myself, and there is quite a lot of reworking to be done here as I have converted from gas to a Taylor’s Ideal K paraffin stove. I think this is one of the best improvements to Roach. If you like isolation, the East Coast’s creeks are great, but not when you run out of gas! So far I have built a new brass heat shield over the cooker under the deckhead, and I am currently working on a flip-up counter unit that will encase the cooker when in port. This will provide an additional sideboard/chart table. You can’t have too many flat surfaces on a small yacht!


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