Thursday, May 08, 2008

Backrests Almost Fitted!

Well I thought I wouldn show you what I have been upto and what has been really taking my time recently. It is fitting the backrests! A whole bank holiday was spent triming, shaving, and getting back-ache whilst trying to fit these. They are now ready to be screwed into place and fiddle rails will go in place over the tops to make handy little shelves when sailing. Notice the original cellerette which I am trying to incorporate into the starboard side.
Staining was a nightmare as International dont stock Interstain which is what I first used on the lift up panels. Trying to match the new work to the old colour has been hard - but have found a new product. Sikkens cetol mahogany stain is almost the same colour, and after a some experimenting I think you will agree that you can hardly tell.
Next steps: The galley, a bent shaft, a weeping keel bolt and if I have time a saloon table!


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