Thursday, June 05, 2008


Well Roach was very well behaved during launch – mast was stepped in record time, much to the boatyard’s surprise. The launch itself was fine too. Stern gland needed a couple of turns, but then we were off. I would like to thanks the team at Everson’s that are always ever so helpful, and never at all judgemental. They sorted my shaft issues after a I ran into a net last Summer – in the end this quite a lot more work than I had expected and I needed to hand it over to the pros. Then I managed to fit some new teak cabin sole in the forepeak which I am quite proud of – and even though the list of improvements for this season is endless, I still am a bit annoyed she looks so grubby and that there is not more to show for the amount of work I have put in. Remaining projects afloat will be anew galley, varnishing the new cabinet work, new mast cleats, some interior paint, and some mahogany trim on the stern. We will see how far I get – I just want to go sailing now, however grubby she is.


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