Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Blimmin Drizzle!

Although the work shcedule is going pretty much to plan - even though some late nights have been needed to keep on-track, I seem to be ambushed by the weather everytime I want to launch. All the varnish work needs urgent attention, and it is simply impossible in drizzle. This is a really quite a pain as it is a difficult job to do afloat - I have taken the hatches home in order to try and get them done in the warmth of the kitchen.

Apart from that the new backrests are almost complete. It was a challenge making them fit exactly and also adding fiddel rails to the tops, that also double as hand rails. The time taken to do this has meant that the galley has been left behind, but I might be able to get the initial workings on this done this evening. Hopefully we will have a working galley by the weekend.

Lots of other mini little jobs have been completed, including sanding of the mast and two coats of epifanes. The mast is starting to look good. Next is the boom if I get a chance!

Launch tomorrow at HW 14:18 - and a couple of days in the marina loading the cushions, gear and sails - and possibly a bit of varnish!


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