Monday, June 23, 2008

Roach goes to check-out Royal Harwich

These photos are courtesy of PyroJames who we went past - thanks as there was not that much time as we were creaming along.
Next year I will have the wooden pram restored. That flubber spoils the picture.
Reaching at 7 knots here - we were with the ebb admitedly - not bad though considering I have a 20%wrap on the jib!
You may not notice - but we were having freshly brewed El Salvadorian Coffee at the time with home made summer pudding!

The Tall ship "Stavros" through the rigging of "Croix de Gardes" Roach nestled in at the Roayl Harwich Yacht Club
A West Solent One Design beating up the Orwell - nicely colour matched tender. I hope to do the same!

Well this weekend was dedicated to checking out the Royal Harwich Yacht Club. On Friday I made a very nasty single-handed beat down to the Orwell from the Deben. It was the first time I did the bar on the ebb, and even with the relatively shallow draft of 4ft, I was considerably nervous as I rushed into breakers doing 8knots over ground with 2 metres reading on the depth! The passage was very slow and tedious and I arrived at Harwich almost 7 hours later!

Friday night was spend getting the cabin shipshape again – I still need many more fiddle rails and storage ideas to stop things jumping shelves. Small boats move about A LOT, and I have decided that the only way forward is to make dedicated stowage for everything. I have already made a log book holder, but what she really needs is a bookcase. I quite enjoy having a glass of wine in the cabin whilst thinking of future improvements.

Although I slept well I was awoken by a very eager race crew next door to me at 6am! They were bending on some laminate sails and dropping the anchor and chain in order to loose weight. All to keen for my liking. The day was meant to be spent varnishing the cockpit, but constant drizzle put paid to that – so the day was spent in the cabin fitting cupboard latches and knobs and making a cable run for the solar panel. In the evening I was invited over to Criox de Gardes, a lovely 1947 French Cutter which a friend owns. It was really very nice having a meal on a boat at a table! I have not done that in yonks, and have decided that Roach really needs a table now. One is in the design phase, I just need some time!

Sunday was spend tidying up ready to take my sister and boyfriend sailing. They are very novice sailors, so when we started reaching down the Orwell at 7knots, they got quite frightened! Roach really likes a good blow and on the way back we were beating very well, with the decks awash! First time ever. The new roller furling requires some attention, and so do the sheeting angles. It was too windy for the working jib though and we should have changes down to the number 2 jib, but nobody was in a fit state to go forward in that wind.

Roll on weekend after next!


Blogger PyroJames said...

I took some pictures of you as you creamed past. Once I have them off the camera, I'll fire them off to you, or burn a CD. Sunday was forecast 5-7 gusting 8 you know? Quite a lot for your novices!

11:55 AM  
Blogger Roach1948 said...

Yes, Both of them were quite rattled with the heeling actually. Little sis trapped her hand on her own weight on the leeward cockpit seat (she claimed it was underwater at the time) and ended up with a sprained wrist. I managed to get a huge blood blister by getting a riding turn off a winch. You probably notice the twisted jib too. Don'r launch roller furling without some sheet tension!

5:59 PM  
Blogger ATHENA's Travels said...

Great to hear you've been in a blow

When I do a riding turn i use the winch oppsite, scared i'll break both

looking forward to photos

Hope you get your sister out again!

9:00 PM  
Blogger Roach1948 said...

Can't use opposite winch as companion is in the way! Just have to grin and bear it (well actually sailing gloves are on my Christmas list)

10:07 PM  
Blogger ATHENA's Travels said...

Wow, great photos,
I was advised too sit down when photos being taken as improves the scale!
& you are a big chap too!

more flags please,

I guess you are still commissioning?

2:42 PM  
Blogger Roach1948 said...

It is what I call running commissioning - still have a sail rack, galley, bookcase, loo, drinks cupboard, saloon table, chart table,Spinnaker arrangement, extra mast cleats and some electrics still to do!

I reckon 3 more years if I include the dinghy, legs, boarding ladder and windvane!

6:38 PM  

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