Monday, June 30, 2008

Roach moves onto her new mooring!

Roach ready to get warped around so I can get out of the marina - Roach does not go astern in straight line!

The lovely walk along the riverside path from Pin Mill to RHYC

Last weekend can’t really be described as a sailing weekend. The boat needed to be moved from Pin Mill to her new mooring closer to the Orwell Bridge. The reason I have not put the boat on the mooring until now is that the mooring has not been used for two years and therefore needed servicing. And servicing it did need, I can assure you of that. The chain was perilously thin in places, maybe down to 4mm and the swivel at the bottom had a very small calibre shackle on it. The whole lot was replaced with new 14mm chain from EYE and oversized shackles. It should be OK for a couple of years!

Well on arrival I found that there was a lot of water in the bilges, the weeping bolt under the engine really giving me grief. There is not much I can do except deal with the problem and this means a haul-out which would be a pain. This would really mean no more sailing this season, so I have decided to go down the bilge pump and solar panel route. I hope that can sort it. Next weekend I will dive under the boat and put some lead putty in the bolt recess. It is clear I will have a lot of work to do in the Autumn though.

I did managed to get a few jobs done though. Some skirting board has gone in along the bunk sides, and the cabin sole has been shaped to fit. All this done alongside at RHYC where I was put in quite a challenging spot to get out of. And I needed to get out of there fast on Saturday AM as there where 45 Albin Vegas coming in for a rally. Anyway, I warped Roach around herself, and this the first time I have warped her. I reckon that next time, given longer lines, I can do all myself onboard. It makes me feel happier being onboard when doing these things – you never know what could go wrong!

Anyway, all went well and I managed to put Roach on her new mooring and motored back to Pin Mill. I then had the pleasure of the lovely walk from Pin Mill to RHYC to collect the car - Wow, I really like England on a Summer's day like that.


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