Friday, July 18, 2008

Brest 2008

Here are a few pics of the final day at Brest. I have to say that the French really know how to put on a show. My only real complaint is that since I did not come in a boat, I did not get a pontoon crew pass – and there where some very interesting yachts in the mole, but as everybody was rafted several deep, it was really very hard to appreciate the visiting yachts as a shore-side spectator. For example, Pen Duick – Tabarlay’s Fife – probably the most iconic yacht in France, was so far away, and rafted about 5 deep, that one could not really appreciate her. Did I spot Gile’s Sopranino there too? Could she have sailed all the way over?

Some Huitre and Champagne anyone?

A French Destroyer with some anti-sub sub gizmo
A few oversized ensigns around.
Some Croatians trying to set their boat alight. I could see it happening, but they got it under control.

The lovely Smack Iris with proper sized code flags (unlike mine)
Some very competent scullers around

The Sail past
The smallest Colin Archer (allegedly)
Earl of Pembroke

Never seen sush a large table over a whole deckspace!


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