Sunday, September 21, 2008

August Bank Holiday Weekend

Again, novice sailors, and also Spaniards. Well one Spaniard and one Turk to be exact.
The weekend started at around 11am when I came alongside RHYC to pick up my guests. It was warm but misty. After taking on some diesel we headed tacking downstream – my idea was to Lunch at Mistley Quay. Due to a late start I missed the tide and by the time we were rounding Shtley spit it was tumbling out of the Stour. Although running, we are making good 1 knot over ground, and hull-speed in the water. This was quite frustrating but managed to claw our way to Ewarton Bay and anchored there for a late lunch. The yacht was rolling and pitching all over the place, but it did nothing to dampen our appetite. My Spanish friend lives in Paris, so she brought over a Nuits San George and some Foie which was very well received addition to our cheeseboard.
Up anchor and a very good reach across Harwich Harbour, although I must admit I almost put her on the mud over Shotley Spit. It is so annoying that little spit, one day it will catch me out, but as I had friends aboard I retreated and went round the mini yellow cardinal.
The sea breeze died down by now and then we switched the engine on and motored all the way to Ipswich were my friends has booked the Salt House Hotel. I put here into Neptune Marina and went for a nice dinner in the Hotel’s restaurant. I would say that the food was a bit too pretentious. Regional trying to be London if you get my drift – but they were inviting so I did not complain. I retired to Roach and they to their luxury room.
Next day late start (they were making use of the room) but I was happy as I managed to get some provisions in town, and do a few boat jobs, such as clean all the covers from Bird Pooh that seems to a perennial problem on my mooring. When they were ready to depart there was not a breath of air and we ghosted to the mooring, a few Thames barges going down on the tide with us and the Lovely Jolie Brise, that was setting all canvas including top sail and flying top jib – they had a full crew though!
Back on my mooring we decided to call sailing a day and broke out the Pimms. The fist this season. What a treat. The Temperature in the cabin was 28 degrees; this was more like it. I cooked a Paella for lunch and the heat was so intense down below that I decided to go for a swim. The other joined too – it was delightfully refreshing and not that cold either. I really need to finish the boarding ladder though! We came out and had a fresh water shower from the Solar Shower thingy – they really work! By then lunch was ready and we accompanied the Paella with Bon Ventos Ribeiro del Duero 2006 – a real Portuguese belter. Sadly we did not have Bon Ventos, but all in all a Bon Weekend!


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