Saturday, October 11, 2008

Roach gets a new sweep

Roach was moved last week to a rented cradle so that I could get her two feet of the ground so that I could drop two deadwood bolts under the engine. The yard have done a great job. I have about 30cm above each bolt before I reach the engine. So I really hope I can drive the bolt out with that little amount of space, if not it means taking the engine out which I would prefer not to do.

Leaving the mast up this Winter, so that I can play with the spinnaker track, a attachment point for a saloon table and also to make some lightboards to go on the shrouds. The current Bi-colour on the bow often get burried in heavy seas, and I would prefer to be seen at night. Having the mast up meant tht the cover needed to be adapted to take the shoruds. Thank you Baz of Brackenbury's, who made Roach's original cover over 10 years ago and is still going strong!

Lastly, Roach got a present. A 14ft French made sweep. The company I met at Brest sent me the sweep via their UK distributers in Wroxham. I am really happy with it - al I have to do is copper the end and leather the collar and maybe a few more coats of varnish.


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